Whether planned or not, you just landed at www.gstat.org. This domain was the main point for the gstat project, which started in 1993, open sourced in 1997, got a website a bit before 2000, then remained in Utrecht, where it was taken down in 2014 because it fell victim to botnet attacks.

Citing gstat

There are two gstat citations:

where is gstat?

The gstat project started as a source code base from which one could compile a binary executable that could carry out geostatistical computations. It started reading and writing pcraster files, then other file formats were added, until it was linked to the gdal library.

Since the gstat R package was published in 2003, development in gstat standalone was constrained to bug fixes only. Of course both projects share a large C code base, but all new features happened in R, and no support e.g. for compiling binaries of gstat standalone took place.

time for retirement?

I don't see any ground to continue development of the gstat standalone program, and as such it can be considered as retired. Manual and sources of the original program are still provided.


Here, you'll find the gstat stand alone pdf manual.

source code

The tar ball of the source code is here

please contact Edzer Pebesma in case of questions.